2020 New Year Goals

2020 New Year Goals

Hello to a new decade!! Isn’t it crazy how 10 years has passed and life is so different!? I was chatting with my girlfriends the other day about high school and how 2020 was so far away… and by the time we reached it cars will probably be flying by then, etc. Well here we are!! 2020 and still no flying cars (although I’m sure Tesla is working on it). So insane haha but I am excited about this new decade.

I especially love the start of a new year! It’s a great time to reevaluate life, characteristics, and set goals for the next year. It’s also a great time for a getaway to start the year right. I’m a huge goal-oriented person so I’m thriving right now setting short and long term resolutions. But it’s hard to keep up with setting 18 million goals so I choose a word for the year and I make that my daily mantra.

I first learned about the Word of the Year strategy from a friend and mentor who had seen a segment on Good Morning America. It mentioned how setting a word for the year helps you stay focused and on track and in 2019, I implemented it: take a look at last years promise to be persistent here.

For 2020, my word for the year is quality. So anything I do from now until 2021 will be focused on quality- if its isn’t quality time spent with loved ones, quality work produced, quality content or quality people, guess what- not touching it! To keep myself on track I also wrote down about 20 overall resolutions- because I’m ambitious and sometimes the funnest kind of crazy haha. If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s to focus only on a few things per category I wanna touch but to remember my word of the year in everything I do.

Personal New Year Goals: 

  • Be more aware of my time
    • This is actually something I’ve been wanting me to do more of. No more mindlessly scrolling on social media or watching tv, I’m gonna regulate my time better. Between running 12 social media channels with work, trying to balance life, relationships, lose weight and self love, I often feel like I just don’t have time for what I truly am passionate about and need. So, my goal is to segment my time better and towards what I’m passionate about.
  • Learn less is more- work on purging and minimizing
    • Easier said then done… especially with my fashion addiction haha. I actually ended 2019 by getting rid of 6 bags worth of items to Goodwill and sold lifghtly used or unused items on OfferUp and Poshmark. I want to spend once a month cleaning out clothes, donating, selling and organizing the items I own. I also want to work on NOT buying new items each season and just redecorating and restyling what I already have and use. 
  • Work on saying no and people pleasing
    • I worked on this a little in 2019 and need some extra love with this, and one of the main reasons I’m focused on quality this year. There’s still certain settings and people that I have a hard time learning to say no to- I am very ambitious and sometimes overcommit a lot and I want to put my heart and time only to quality achievable things!
  • Work on my cooking and baking skills 
    • I’m actually a pretty decent cook when I want to be and a awesome baker thanks to inspiration from Holiday Baking Championship Season 1-6 (Nancy loves burbon in her baking and so do I). The issue is that I’m constantly doing 300 things at once and never take the time to cook dinner and do it right. I usually bake and put something in the oven or stove and walk away to answer emails or clean (for baking I don’t use timers, I have this weird brujeria/psychic thing that I know when my baked items are done haha). I want to spend time in 2020 reviewing my French grandmother’s recipes (Denise was a real life chef from the South of France) and enjoy the process of cooking more than baking (because lord knows I don’t need the sugar). I’m going to give myself an hour to make a quality meal without getting distracted or rushed by anyone around me.
  • Character traits I want to improve: being present, patience, and control 
    • TBH, these are 3 character improvements I put on my resolutions list each year. And every year, there’s moments I do improve on these and moments I don’t. I’m not patient, I like to control situations or at least have them go to how I’ve planned and I’m not always that present with family and Jesus. Praying I can continue improving on these (wish me luck on these).

(Image via CW Riverdale)

Business New Year Goals: 

Veronica Lodge is a mood for all of 2020 and I’m a numbers girl but I’ll share with you the basics. This year I would really love to grow my following on social media and build real relationships in business. My goal isn’t to become an influencer per say but to share high quality content that I am passionate about and want to share with the world. In 2019, I started LinkedIn Learning but I want to set time to learn from more experts via books, Masterclass, conferences and other opportunities. I have a passion for learning and growing and I won’t stop till I’m the best- its a great problem to have haha. I also want to explore more balance at work. At work, last year I surpassed my goals but want to keep growing and deliver higher quality content that really connects with people.

  • Consistency on social media, at least 365 days a year
  • Post 52 blog posts and change my personal and professional websites
  • Consistency with learning and balance

Health New Year Goals: 

I wasn’t going to add these in but figured for anyone new they’d like to see. These have been my monthly goals for the past year for my health. I lost 23 pounds in 2019 and want to continue getting stronger, eating healthier, and drinking less too. 

  • Continue workouts 4x a week
  • Challenge myself and get back into running
  • Clean eating Mon-Thurs
  • Keep sugary alcoholic drinks to a minimum

2019 was a chaotic year and also an EXPENSIVE one. 2020 is going to be about quality decisions: saving, loving myself, growing, focus and being content in life thanks to the quality promises I’ve made. Cheers to a fresh start and can’t wait to take y’all along this year!



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