Books On My Mind💡

Books On My Mind💡

Yay for days off! As part of my resolutions, to do more for myself this year, I have added some great books to my list. Reading has always helped me spread my creative wings and has given my mind a break to explore another realm through pages. Take a look at what I am reading this year and why I think they would be great for you to read too!

-Leave Your Mark

Anyone interested in Corporate America and fashion definitely needs to put this one on their radar and keep it close. Funny, sarcastic and focused on customer service. This one is a must read that I am kn the verge of completing!

-Grace not Perfection

This book is a work in progress, much like myself. It has the author’s personality spewed throught the pages but also helps you customize how to form a more simple, happy and well balanced life without losing your mind.

-Smart Women Finish Rich

Heard about this book at a discussion the other day by a famous lawyer. She talked about working and managing your finances and life that sounded extremely impactful.

-Whiskey In A Teacup

Reese Witherspoon is not only one of my idols, she’s a mother, entrepreneur, designer, award winning actress and producer but also encourages and supports women of all ages. I am so excited to start this one!

Next week, I’ll give you another couple of sneak peaks I have planned for the year!

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