Why Persistence is My ResolutionđŸ’ª

Why Persistence is My ResolutionđŸ’ª

My friend Joni, who is a bossbabe and overall badass business woman, once told me about the best way to maintain resolutions. Her secret is to set the word for the year and maintain it eveyday in different ways. She had heard about it on Good Morning America once and that it has resonated with her to this day. So every year she looks at what needs to be done to acheive small goals to maintain long-term impact. So I looked it up and it’s true, because is it one focus it makes it more acheiveable!

I might have gone a little too technical with my word for the year but for me, 2019 is all about PERSISTENCE. I chose persistence bc I need, no matter what gets thrown my way, to be able to do the things I want, succeed and build my life they way I want to live it.

So here it goes, these are my goals for the year:

-Excel at work, whether it’s growing a brand or helping a colleague-I’m up for it!

-Embrace change but always fight for what is important to me.

-Be more active and health conscious when making choices for the long-term.

-Be more present and embrace my natural surroundings.

-Make time for the things I personally want to do,

and last but not least, be a better version of myself whether it’s personal or professional growth.

Stay tuned next week for books that are on my reading list this year!

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