Never Too Late To Restart

Never Too Late To Restart

It’s officially February! A whole month of 2019 has passed and I have my doubts about you 2019. For some people it’s been going great but for others it’s been rough, between government shut down and lots of changes happening in the world, it can seem that a new year has come & nothing has changed. However, I disagree.

January for me was a season of growing, a season of learning, a season of trying to diet and not successfully doing it because you’re so stressed (haha). But most of all, January taught me that I need to start putting myself first because I need to take action towards what I am passionate about. One of my biggest goals that I want to work on is my blog. I love the creative space I have been able to use in the past and I love expressing myself in the digital realm. So every week, I will be writing a little splurge for my friends family and followers to enjoy.

My blog post will be real raw and fearlessly authentic covering all things lifestyle and I can’t wait to share more with you! Leave me a blur on what you’d like to see via in the comment box below!

Stay tuned for next week’s post, because resolutions don’t work if they don’t last past January.

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